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(Available In Person, iPhone FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype)


30 mins of Intuitive Guidance $60


60 mins of Intuitive Guidance $90 


75 mins of Intuitive Guidance $120


90 mins of Intuitive Guidance $140 



Limpias/Cleansing  $40

My Limpias consist of Smudging you with Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo, hand made Home Cleansing Spray specially blended & sold by me and I request that you bring items for me to finish your cleansing. Please contact me for details.


House Cleansing $75 (San Antonio Only)



Reiki, Crystal Healing, ThetaHealing or Intuitive Healing


30 mins of Healing $45 


60 mins of Healing $60 






30 mins Infrared Sauna Bed $20 or 5/30min Sessions $75 




45 min Sessions

Choose 45mins of the following Services:

(Endermologie, Cupping Therapy, Vacuum Cupping Therapy, Reflexology or Infrared Body Wrap)


1/45 min Session $60ea


5/45 min Sessions $275 ($55ea)


10/45 min Sessions $500 ($50ea)



90min Sessions

1. Choose 45mins of 1 of the following:

    A. Endermologie

    B. Manual Cupping Therapy

    C. Vacuum Cupping Therapy

2. Choose 45mins of 1 of the following:

    A. Infrared Sauna Bed

    B. Infrared Body Wrap



1/90min Session $120

5/90min Sessions $550 ($110ea)

10/90min Sessions $990 ($99ea)




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