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HOW TO USE IT: Apply your imagination. Use as decoration, place in your altar, or temple. Write a wish on a piece of paper and add inside pyramid with a photo and crystals. Think about an intention you want to use it for. To attract love, prosperity or health. You can write a note with your wish, desires, goals, dreams. Add a picture of you or someone else and add crystals. If you want to use it to attract prosperity, add crystals such as citrine. If you want to attract love then use crystals such as rose quartz, morganite, pink tourmaline.

PYRAMID SYMBOLISM: Since ancient times, on various continents, pyramid-shaped objects have been used to elevate consciousness through meditation,increase well being, preserve the life forces, and harmonize energies of places and people. Pyramids generate negative ions, which have a balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body. Pyramids have been used for: 1- Empower your thoughts 2- Archieve Your goals 3- Cleanse negative energies 4- balance your chakras 5- Energize your crystals and stones 6- Energize your living space 7- Vitalize your oils and much more...

Glass Goddess Pyramid Box

SKU: 1018
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