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"Prayer and Smudge feathers are traditionally used with burning sage, herbs or incense during prayer or cleansing ceremony. The feather directs the smoke where you want it to go such as to the Great Spirit or to cover yourself or a space for protection.“The smudging ceremony has been a sacred ritual for the Native American and for many other tribal peoples for thousands of years. It is a ritual of cleansing and purification for the physical ands spiritual bodies. Smudging is used to cleanse energy fields of each person, animal, rock, plant or home,” Silver Wolf Walks Alone.The feathers used for a ceremony are as important as the smudge. The Prayer feather has a vibration just as the cleansing herbs it is used with. These are vibrations from the color of the feather and the aura of the bird in which the feather came. The feather not only guides the sacred smoke around your body or room, it also fluffs up your auric field."

Smudging Feather

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