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Customer Reviews

Lauren Riojas

(Review for Manifesting Abundance)

This class may have been this weekend, but man oh man am I still so excited about it! I have attended a hand full of classes and each one not only has brought something different into my life, but each class gets better and better 😍 I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to know Diane and continue to grow in ways I never imagined!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom and gifts 😍 and for those who have yet to attend, not only are you missing out, but your entire life is bound to change in a matter of hours, why wouldn't you want to go?! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!! Thank you thank you thank you, thank you a million times over.

Lauren Riojas

(Review for Grounding and Connecting to your Angels)

With school right around the corner, I came into Diane's office with that being the focus of my thoughts. Upon asking for me to draw what I was thinking, I drew a library and desk. She took one look at my drawing, looked at me and started talking about personal home situations that had absolutely nothing to do with what I drew! This woman is gifted beyond words; she truly never ceases to amaze me. Not only did she nail my home situation to the tee but taught me how to connect with my angels, taught me how to ground myself, and taught me how to forgive those I didn't realize I needed to... She truly is an angel on earth, here to help guide you towards your best self and to help you reach your full potential she knows what many people don't, when you encourage and lift others souls and spirits, they too leave her office and want to share this beautiful light with the world, imagine how much we could all change together?! Diane has quickly found a special place in my heart, for not only opening my eyes to the reality of who I am, but for accepting and understand every part of me that I have still yet to know and explore.... You may not hear the things you want to, but she'll tell you the things you NEED to hear. Beautiful, talented, and wise!!!

Chantal Riojas

I can't tell you how special you are, you have opened my eyes, I never felt so awake. You have such a beautiful positive energy I love being in your presence. I have gotten so close to God & Angels. I have to Thank You for that. Thank you!

Renee Mireles

(Review for Grounding & Connecting to Your Angels Class)

Thank you Diane for sharing your wonderful gifts with us! Each class is so intriguing! I could sit and listen all day! It's so exciting to learn how to apply these concepts to my day. My life is forever changed!🌎🌟

Annette James 
(Review for Grounding & Connecting to Your Angels Class)

I awoke to a sense of peace after attending your class last night. It was a wonderful experience and I will never forget what I saw, felt and heard last night. You are truly a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I'm looking forward to your next class


Bianca Mireles 
(Review for Grouding & Connecting to your Angels Class)

This was such a wonderful class! Diane you are so wonderful and gifted. I feel so excited when I know I will be around the warm energy you radiate. After leaving your classes I feel so blessed that I know you and have the opportunity to constantly learn from you. I can't wait for what's to come from your gifts not only for you but also for those fortunate enough to know you! can't wait for the next class!


June Vasquez 
(Review for Grouding & Connecting to your Angels Class)

I learned so much from this class. I was able to connect the reasons behind some of the things I do naturally. I have been practicing grounding and cleansing and now I have the tools to improve my vibrations with new techniques. Thank you Diane for sharing your amazing gifts with us. ❤️

Yvette Diaz 
(Review of Grounding & Connecting to your Angels Class)

I have been so blessed to have such an amazing experience! Diane Leven is an amazing spiritual guide and medium. It is true pure light! Pure spiritual light, that showed me how to connect with my guardian and angels. I even learned his name and the message he had for me. I feel protected. It was truly life changing and I'm so grateful to have been able to have this experience! Thank you so very much. ❤✨

June Vasquez
This is June 👩🏽 I just want to say thank you again for today. Your validation of things has helped me to release some stuff and also confirms some stuff I felt I already knew for going forward ❤️ 
While I was parked there a red Cardinal landed on the wooden fence I was facing and stayed there facing me for a long time then flew away. A few mins later another Cardinal sat on the same spot and did the same. Then again a few mins later it happened again. It was at least 2 difference cardinals because the red feathers were different. It warms my heart to know you have a group of cardinals right outside your front door 

Jennifer Harris
Diane has a wonderful heart and spirit! She knows who she is and has amazing gifts.

Kortney Lang
You are amazing and provide your customers with the upmost attention and care when they are in session. I hope that people will make an appointment and be able to see that for themselves😀

Renee Mireles
Diane is so awesome! Her spirit is so uplifting!!!! Worth every penny!!!!

Pamela Trepanier
This woman is the real deal. I've witnessed her abilities and she wasn't wrong on any of it!

Mariana Gomez
I had a session with Diane on Saturday, in which she amazed me with her spiritual knowledge and passion for what she does, you can totally tell she's naturally gifted. I felt so comfortable with her and mostly!!! I left feeling so powerful, so positive and with such new view for my life it's not even funny how right on she was!! Thank you Diane for sharing your gifts and talents with the world! Love ya! 🙏🏽 #andsoitis 


Yvette Diaz
I did also want to say that I'm so grateful to find beautiful people who actually understand the energy in the universe as well as....believe what I'm saying... That is extremely hard to find...thank you Diane Leven everything is really falling into place. ❤

Carmen Ibarra
Thank you very much,I had a wonderful and a bless time.
You Definitely opened my eyes.
I can't wait to continue to take more classes with you dear beautiful friend. 
God bless you always. 
Absolutely you are an angel

Lauren Riojas
After just spending two weeks with you, I feel like a whole different person... I feel lighter, happier, more at peace, even beginning to feel more grounded... You have awakened my sleeping soul on so many levels and I truly can not thank you enough!!! You are such a beautiful soul and am so excited to see what more is in store for you... You weren't lying when you said "Awakening the goddess within." Well I am awake more than ever, ready to conquer anything thrown my way, knowing i not only have you as a guide, but the beautiful women that surround you as well! So much wisdom and knowledge and energy in one class!!!! Can not wait for the next one!!!!

Yvette Diaz
I recently messaged Diane about a situation that was that very was causing me serious anxiety and stress...I literally felt it pulling me from the light...Diane told me exactly what to to do it...barefeet....offering...oak tree....words...IT WORKED! I can't explain it but the universe..mother earth gave me what I needed and it worked....Diane....thank you....those words can't even begin to describe the feelings I have.... I never doubted it! ❤ ‪#‎Faith‬#God

Renee Mireles 
The class was magical. You could just feel the positive energy in the room. I was so intrigued when you did readings from our drawings and I enjoyed talking with other gifted people...You are truly amazing! Thank you for the experience!💕

Lauren Riojas

Diane, you have brought so much life and peace into my life from the moment I met you... You are so gifted and talented and have truly put my mind at ease as far as what direction to take my life... For an outsider to be able to understand your hearts greatest desires and passions, is truly an Angel doing God's work... Helping me to decide to follow my heart in hopes of changing people's lives as she has done mine. If you're seeking guidance or in need of a spiritual cleansing, I truly recommend paying this beautiful soul a visit. Before I met her, I was very uneasy about what career path to take and was doubting God's plan for me... After spending hours with this beautiful woman, I swear I have never felt more at peace and my soul is yearning for more light and happiness!!! She truly has awakened me in a way that's made me feel as if I wasn't really "living" before... You truly have no idea how remarkable your gift is and I'm so excited to see your journey blossom as well, there is no one more deserving than Diane Leven. ❤️

Yvette Diaz
For me was an awaking...things started to make sense....things I couldn't finding all the pieces of a puzzle.... I was able to express things that only a few truly understood... For me its the beginning of an awaking... For me it's happening and I can see it...

Melissa Lopez Peña
Thank you so much for an awesome evening & to Annette for the invite. I am truly excited about awakening my Goddess within . I can hardly wait to attend the next class. Thank you so much Diane, I loved all your energy.🙏🏼Namaste

Jessica Nicole
Last night was so amazing!! Thank you so much for your guidance. I prayed for $500 and got it THIS MORNING!

Ashley Wellberg
Last night was so much fun! Diane Leven you amaze me more and more every day!!!

Adriana Canales
You are beyond incredible Diane Leven! I am so grateful to have been invited to your first event. I know it was the first of many to come as you share your beautiful gifts inspiring others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We are all goddesses! 🙂

Annette Guzman
You are a true blessing. Last night was amazing. I'm looking forward to next week. Thank you so much for guiding me to open my eyes and forgive. I still get so emotional when I think about it.

Bianca Mireles
Last night was so amazing, you and your gift are such a blessing! I look forward to more classes and learning more from you! 💕

Lauren Riojas
I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to come in and visit with you yesterday about my life, you gave me so much clarity and guidance and truly are a very talented special woman ❤️ thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge with me and thank you for changing my life ❤️

Alexa Hebert

Cupping therapy has relieved so much tightness in my legs - they feel fresh and as good as new . I will be adding this into my monthly routine . Highly recommend!!!!

Ana L. Ojeda

I am so happy I finally decided to start and take care of my self. Endermology and infrared sauna is very relaxing and it has awesome results.

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